The 5n5 Essentials Series for Clinical Practice Transformation is an interactive video solution for the busy clinician. The series features instructional videos designed by clinicians for clinicians. In 5 minutes the videos showcase 5 tips on actionable steps clinicians and their office staff can implement for successful clinical practice transformation. The video series is launched through a Clinical Practice Transformation Vimeo channel that can be accessed 24/7 at the convenience and privacy of the clinician or staff, with tracking capability for measurement purposes.

The 5n5 Essentials Series addresses the clinician’s voice in the following ways:

  • abbreviated information sharing (5 minutes vs 30-45 minute sessions)
  • simple, specific steps
  • small, yet essential instructional segments
  • 24/7 accessibility when time permits
  • a platform that accommodates multiple topics
  • easy to share with the clinical team
  • easily referenced at a later time
  • 508 compliant (*With future funding)
  • easy to refer to others
  • especially useful for small, underserved and rural practices that have limited staff, time and resources
  • allows clinicians to select their topic of interest

Capturing patient and clinician voices in real time, as they are transforming their practice is meaningful. We will collaborate with TCPI faculty to engage clinician champions in telling their transformation stories which can be used to motivate other clinicians to join and sustain the transformation process.

The first 5n5 Essentials focused on the chronic care management program. Many clinicians asked how to be reimbursed for services they were providing to their high risk patients.

The second focuses on efficient workflow practices based on the PCMH model. This video was in response to the clinician’s voice regarding the multiple tasks they complete each day, and demands for their time when the desire is to spend more time with the patient. We trust you will find the 5n5 Essentials as a critical, value-add transformation tool.

The 5n5 Essentials Series will provide viewers an opportunity to submit new topics via email to Comments are also welcome via email to

The 5n5 Essentials Series was created using evidence-based, tightly written scripts with trained actors portraying real-life scenarios in actual clinical settings. The video footage is captured using current video and audio technologies to produce a quality product. Each series features a clinician and practice transformation coach portraying real time ambulatory office setting scenarios.

The 5n5 Essentials Series focuses on multiple topics requested by clinicians and those engaged in the transformation process such as SANs, PTNs, QINs, patients and other stakeholders.  The 5n5 Essential Series is easy to access and can be viewed multiple times by an individual provider or by a team of professionals until the actionable steps are successfully implemented.

The 5n5 Essentials Series incorporates proven adult learning methodologies known as neuro-linguistic programming combining visual, auditory and tactile methods to increase the knowledge retention of adult professional learners.  The topics are current as transformation is an ongoing journey toward improving quality and reducing costs.

The HCDI SAN is excited about the requests it has received from clinicians and PTNs for more 5n5 Essentials videos. We would like to complete 50 videos. The Series can include topics such as:

  • LEAN & Patient and Family Engagement
  • Virtual Groups  Cultural Competence
  • ICD-10 & Z coding for risk stratification
  • How to Pick your Pace
  • Care Coordination

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